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In Memory of The Master Race

February 17, 2017

“…According to this, the German was the advanced species and other races were lower, intermediary forms that should be expected to be exterminated for the good. Darwin went on in his communications to examplify Turks as a lower race too but he did not specify Jews in name.

In German society Jews had the highest penetration of another people within positions of influence such as arts, sciences and important professions and people like Hitler believed they were polluting the racial purity of their civilised, advanced Caucasian race of Germans.

Besides, the Jews, they believed, were plotting to take over their country and the world, based on the notorious hoax, the publication of Protocols of the Elders of Zion. To them a lower race, with no rights to exist, was taking over their livelihood. So they had to be fought against.

Of course we know today the Australian, the African, the Turk and the Jew are equal to any other human in every mental capacity. There is only one race, the human race. Nobody is to be exterminated for racial purity.

But at that time Hitler was not alone, many other were in agreement with him.”

Mike Berring
Mike Berring

Indeed… here in the US, for example, we still have those unfortunate folks who are failures in society, much like hitler was- in every sense of the term. Now, I know of course, as you do, that the human mind is a very versatile instrument and can at times be capable of astonishing leaps forward in comprehension, improvisation, etc… particularly where it concerns self preservation.
Which is why it is absolutely mind boggling, contemplating the level of cognitive dissonance required at all times for those people such as hitler was, to assign someone else to blame for every single hardship or misfortune or mistake, or even simple inadequacy, whether real or imagined, that plagues them in their lives.
“Lol, it’s not my fault that I let my stupidity and inability to adapt to my environment make such a wreck out of my life! It’s obviously the jews! Not my fault that I have nothing of value to offer anyone else, in order to support myself honorably and make my way in the world… it is undoubtedly some international boogeyman who has taken a personal interest in ensuring that I suffer eternally!”
There is no possibility, even remotely, that *I* am to blame for throwing any measure of a decent life I could have had away, by pursuing some non existent sense of entitlement which precluded actually earning a living for myself…. and only a fool could say otherwise!!
Interesting that you mention Darwin, who recognized that evolution favors those who have the inherent capability to adapt. Sometimes, I am almost able to muster up a bit of genuine pity when contemplating those whom the powers behind ‘evolution’ have seemingly doomed to extinction by releasing them into the world in a state of such inferiority, that they cannot even survive their own delusions.
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August 6, 2016

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of the events or characters to anyone, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

Fiction? You mean making shit up? Making some shit up that never happened… bullshitting in the hopes that someone else might read it and continue to read after the first few words identify it as shit that never happened?

So, how do you start these things out, anyway? How do you invent a scenario that necessitates the need for your particular flavor of shit that never happened? While we’re bullshitting, I’m gonna shoot for the scornful, jaded sage effect. The person who knows life, and knows you… knows you now, and knows you as you’ll be years later. Your inner thoughts, even. But not a trusted confidante or close friend…. More of a disdainful, half ass mocking, psychic. Legitimate, but just barely- only enough to be a familiar, wise asshole coming from some kinda position of knowledge and authority, with whatever. So with that, I will move on to the obvious next important point to establish here.  You are a fgt if you RIP troll Kira… or rather those who were her friends. And here’s why.
It doesn’t have to do so much with Kira, but more with the environment. This imaginary place in which you became acquainted with her. The internets version of “the meanest, nastiest biker bar in town….” which has brought us into contact, sort of, with eachother… AM. If you are one of those who was still a member of AM when Kira showed up and became one of us, then you are one of the tried and tested die hard motherfuckers. You have survived whatever shit that was thrown at you, and were always ready to scrape some of it off of you, taste it, and throw it back with some of your own added. You showed up once upon a time, under the label of atheism and mingling… and know well enough by now that nobody gives a fuck about atheism or whatever it is that you don’t believe.  The only relevant thing about AM, or any other possible group is that it is a group. And you’re in. You’re connected. One of us.
You, there… edgefgt. You who just doesn’t give a single fuck, and are willing to let everyone who will listen know all about the fucks you don’t give. This is just a stage you’re going through where you pretend that you’re some unique, singular motherfucker out there just doing the damn thang… You aint trying to impress anyone because fuck em… you don’t even care.    Yeah, lol. I’m a fucking psychic, though. A few years from now, you’ll enjoy running into motherfuckers out here who just don’t give a single fuck- that will instantly identify them to you as youthful, stupid fgts whose best accomplishment in life up to this point is proclaiming that they give no fucks.
So back to the point. It ain’t about Kira. Statistics say that it’ll be me, or you, or you, sooner or later. You’re thinking ‘so the fuck what?’ Who cares? This is just the internet- you people aint real. And in a few years, you’ll understand instinctively that you were a fgt when you thought that, and everyone who claims that is also a fgt. Because this group thing, man. You start to see that it’s the internets, yeah, but also that it’s where you picked to be. AM, at least for the time being, out of literally everywhere in the fucking world, “real life” included.  A few more words about Kira, and I’ll put this tl;dr to rest. Her and I were damn near total strangers… I know most of you better by far than her. But I am one psychic motherfucking prodigy, so take note that the following is a true story (as far as any work of fiction can be).  She knew she was gonna check out, not exactly when maybe, but sometime pretty quick. And out of everywhere in the world, literally, that she coulda gone to spend the last few days, weeks, whatever before the universe came to an abrupt end, it was this particular group of fgts. This chick was fairly hot, and she was actually a chick, unlike most chicks on the internets (which are of course, dudes). You think she didn’t have options here? But she came here. As you probably will, or me for that matter. She didn’t post a bunch of shit crying about her situation… she wasn’t trying to rack up a bunch of sympathy or awkward bullshit or whatever.  That’s godless mingle shit. No, this one was just looking to spend the last few with some hard core motherfuckers, most of whom do not completely suck dick.
You getting me? Good day to you.


February 17, 2016

18 years old. At a time when people are defining themselves… coming up with their own way to impact the world, I decided to learn the art of hunting and killing dudes whose interests were contrary to Corporate America’s with the USMC.
I have second guessed myself thousands of times throughout my life, wondering why I always picked the wrong route to take, thinking it was the right choice at the time.. it’s like if I woulda just flipped a coin every time I was given a two option decision to make I’d have been so much better off when the payoffs for those decisions were tallied up. Usually.
The only thing more powerful than my sarcasm, is my hindsight. My two superior qualities.
And then today, I went to put gas in my car, and I could not get more than 25 bucks worth to fit in the tank… in a 93 lincoln town car. I couldn’t count how many times it took more than $60, even $70, and still had room for more. The middle east has been a favorite for the USMC for decades now, and I thought about the choice I made long ago.

If my impact was to play a role in eventually making it possible once again to overfill a Lincoln town car with gas for 25 bucks, would this be considered a WIN?

First World Problems

December 15, 2015

A poor guy bitching simply for the sheer joy of bitching.


   The above is a portion of the CPU part of a Passmark system benchmark I just ran. My computer is in green, the others are reference benchmarks from typical averages with components ranging from older dual core set ups, up to a late model Intel hyper-threaded hexacore (translation: 12 CPU cores) DDR4 memory powerhouse. That Intel CPU is a year and a half old (i7 5930K) and can be purchased for about $500 currently, which is oddly enough about what I have invested in my current PC, total cost. (AMD FX 6350 6 core on an ASUS M5A 99X Evo 2.0 motherboard).
    I am not really attempting to compare the performance of my $100 dollar CPU to the Intel i7 in the pic… it is a ‘K’ series unlocked processor and thus can be overclocked to a better performance level than it was in this picture.
    As I always do, I have decided to switch to Intel for my next system which I’m putting together now [I’ve always went from AMD to Intel or Intel to AMD just to keep variety or whatever]. And I’ve picked up a promising looking motherboard [an ASUS Maximus VI Hero ROG board, brand new for $80] socketed in Intel LGA 1150. 2 or 3 years dated, technology wise, but still should be a contender performance wise -I am an overclocking fool and get every bit of bang I can out of everything I own.
    Thus, you can imagine my frame of mind as I started researching the Intel LGA 1150 (Haswell) line of CPU’s… Intel has for the most part ruined the fine art of budget system building/ overclocking beginning with the 1150 sockets. What they’ve done is effectively nuked any overclockability out of all of their CPU’s, with the exception of the obscenely pricey ‘K’ or ‘X’ suffix models such as that $500 i7 5930K above.
    Ha ha… well played, Intel! There are no words I can think of at the moment to adequately convey the magnitude in which you suck… if I used the word “extreme” it would still be an understatement of such proportion that it would just about be a lie, by omission. That is all, and good day.

October Paradox

October 15, 2015

And in the Autumn of 2015, I find myself doing better than ever in most of the ways that matter. Weird, how empty the interior landscape is… high density emptiness.  I am a mediocre black hole, with a magnitude of gravity that cannot permit even photons to escape. Fortunately, there’s plenty of light outside. Where I’m doing better than ever.1428888635228

The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports

April 14, 2013

The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports.

On “Duality, there’s no such thing”

April 4, 2013

I remember once when I was 14, I had gotten my ass kicked rather soundly for coming home late from wrestling practice. It occurred at the back door to the house I was living in at the time, my two friends from the team were with me, standing off to the side. I can remember glancing at them from the ground and noting that one of them had pissed his pants… they were both literally incapacitated with … fear? Shock? The overall emotion I carried away from that was empathy… or maybe sympathy… or pity. They did not deserve that, and had no fucking idea what to do.
And immediately on the heels of that was the relief that one of them had pissed his pants, because it would likely have gotten spread all around at school otherwise.
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March 2, 2013

There is only one thing that I have ever tried in my life to do, and never was able to.

All my life, I have only wanted to be You, The Artist

silver linings

February 20, 2013

Silver Linings
Always. Every conceivable situation has em.
It’s all about how objective you are capable of being.. and maybe perceptive too.

You know this if you’ve been around long enough, and travelled far enough: If you are flying solo; if you do not have someone you love with you to make the shit you do, or don’t do…. matter – then you are living a diminished life.  Bullshit yourself all you want… if you can. We both know that there’s always an ingredient missing from the best meal, the best paycheck, the best day…. Whatever.
That missing thing is another person who truly gives a fuck.. And the only person who is ever able to truly give a fuck about you is someone who has thrown their pot in with yours, all the way; someone who does not have the option of shaking their head sadly and mumbling a few words about ‘damn, what a shame..’ and then putting your misfortune right on out of their thoughts as they turn off the bedroom lights and turn to their other, spooned maybe a bit tighter than usual.  In other words, a person who is at all times sitting in the passenger seat.  Your win is theirs. When you wreck, you wreck for two.  When you check out, there they are wondering how the fuck they are gonna ….do anything at all while they lay there in a small isolated and pitch black corner of the depths.
Without that person, you, and I… whoever… is living a second rate life- plain and simple.
The silver lining……
It comes at the end, mostly… at least it seems likely. In the absence of fucks given, there’s no need to give a fuck. A little regret.. bitterness, maybe… but no heartbreaking despair, nor it’s reflection mirrored in the eyes of the one in the passenger seat as you are fading to black.
Not the shiniest of silver linings, but hey- that’s gotta count for something. And if not.. (and this is the beauty of it): who gives a fuck?

And so it goes, two and a half years later, that I have lost the silver lining which I took solace in. Lost…. well maybe sacrificed it would be more accurate. Threw it right the fuck away. I traded it in, in favor of the gold lining. You know who you are.

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When you find something good- keep it

January 21, 2013
I have never had much luck with saying goodbye to someone that I really loved.
When I find a car that is superior to all others, for my particular tastes, I repair it, and restore it when it breaks down. I have a 1993 Lincoln Town Car that gets an average of 23 miles per gallon of gas, passes all emissions tests, has more than 250000 miles on it, will spin both rear wheels on dry pavement, and will transport me at 120 mph, without taking very much time to attain that speed if I desire it. And it is mine.
I have no need, nor desire for a newer, lesser car
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