Sometimes I get to wondering if I
am a natural born misanthrope who should have been born as a humanist, or a
humanist who should have been a natural born misanthrope… with interest. But one
thing is becoming more and more certain as I get closer and closer to the end of
the path….. This is pretty much what it is. There are no grand and glorious
surprises awaiting anywhere in my event horizon. I am no star awaiting my chance
to finally throw off my disguise and shine, assuming my rightful stellar orbital
trajectory after spending so long in obscurity, always in the shadow of the dark
side of the moon.
   Lol, there were times in which I
was without any question the sharpest tool in the rusty locked toolbox I
happened to be secured in. But the light of day has revealed that I have never
been more than a mildly delusional, and overly wordy loser of occasionally epic
   If I were a piece of trash lying in a dumpster, perhaps 3/4ths of
the way full with trash- I would probably be the piece of trash some dumpster
diver picked up and said, “Wow, can you believe some of the shit these idiots
are dumb enough to throw away?!!


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