In Memory of The Master Race

“…According to this, the German was the advanced species and other races were lower, intermediary forms that should be expected to be exterminated for the good. Darwin went on in his communications to examplify Turks as a lower race too but he did not specify Jews in name.

In German society Jews had the highest penetration of another people within positions of influence such as arts, sciences and important professions and people like Hitler believed they were polluting the racial purity of their civilised, advanced Caucasian race of Germans.

Besides, the Jews, they believed, were plotting to take over their country and the world, based on the notorious hoax, the publication of Protocols of the Elders of Zion. To them a lower race, with no rights to exist, was taking over their livelihood. So they had to be fought against.

Of course we know today the Australian, the African, the Turk and the Jew are equal to any other human in every mental capacity. There is only one race, the human race. Nobody is to be exterminated for racial purity.

But at that time Hitler was not alone, many other were in agreement with him.”

Mike Berring
Mike Berring

Indeed… here in the US, for example, we still have those unfortunate folks who are failures in society, much like hitler was- in every sense of the term. Now, I know of course, as you do, that the human mind is a very versatile instrument and can at times be capable of astonishing leaps forward in comprehension, improvisation, etc… particularly where it concerns self preservation.
Which is why it is absolutely mind boggling, contemplating the level of cognitive dissonance required at all times for those people such as hitler was, to assign someone else to blame for every single hardship or misfortune or mistake, or even simple inadequacy, whether real or imagined, that plagues them in their lives.
“Lol, it’s not my fault that I let my stupidity and inability to adapt to my environment make such a wreck out of my life! It’s obviously the jews! Not my fault that I have nothing of value to offer anyone else, in order to support myself honorably and make my way in the world… it is undoubtedly some international boogeyman who has taken a personal interest in ensuring that I suffer eternally!”
There is no possibility, even remotely, that *I* am to blame for throwing any measure of a decent life I could have had away, by pursuing some non existent sense of entitlement which precluded actually earning a living for myself…. and only a fool could say otherwise!!
Interesting that you mention Darwin, who recognized that evolution favors those who have the inherent capability to adapt. Sometimes, I am almost able to muster up a bit of genuine pity when contemplating those whom the powers behind ‘evolution’ have seemingly doomed to extinction by releasing them into the world in a state of such inferiority, that they cannot even survive their own delusions.
Noteworthy FAIL


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