18 years old. At a time when people are defining themselves… coming up with their own way to impact the world, I decided to learn the art of hunting and killing dudes whose interests were contrary to Corporate America’s with the USMC.
I have second guessed myself thousands of times throughout my life, wondering why I always picked the wrong route to take, thinking it was the right choice at the time.. it’s like if I woulda just flipped a coin every time I was given a two option decision to make I’d have been so much better off when the payoffs for those decisions were tallied up. Usually.
The only thing more powerful than my sarcasm, is my hindsight. My two superior qualities.
And then today, I went to put gas in my car, and I could not get more than 25 bucks worth to fit in the tank… in a 93 lincoln town car. I couldn’t count how many times it took more than $60, even $70, and still had room for more. The middle east has been a favorite for the USMC for decades now, and I thought about the choice I made long ago.

If my impact was to play a role in eventually making it possible once again to overfill a Lincoln town car with gas for 25 bucks, would this be considered a WIN?


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