First World Problems

A poor guy bitching simply for the sheer joy of bitching.


   The above is a portion of the CPU part of a Passmark system benchmark I just ran. My computer is in green, the others are reference benchmarks from typical averages with components ranging from older dual core set ups, up to a late model Intel hyper-threaded hexacore (translation: 12 CPU cores) DDR4 memory powerhouse. That Intel CPU is a year and a half old (i7 5930K) and can be purchased for about $500 currently, which is oddly enough about what I have invested in my current PC, total cost. (AMD FX 6350 6 core on an ASUS M5A 99X Evo 2.0 motherboard).
    I am not really attempting to compare the performance of my $100 dollar CPU to the Intel i7 in the pic… it is a ‘K’ series unlocked processor and thus can be overclocked to a better performance level than it was in this picture.
    As I always do, I have decided to switch to Intel for my next system which I’m putting together now [I’ve always went from AMD to Intel or Intel to AMD just to keep variety or whatever]. And I’ve picked up a promising looking motherboard [an ASUS Maximus VI Hero ROG board, brand new for $80] socketed in Intel LGA 1150. 2 or 3 years dated, technology wise, but still should be a contender performance wise -I am an overclocking fool and get every bit of bang I can out of everything I own.
    Thus, you can imagine my frame of mind as I started researching the Intel LGA 1150 (Haswell) line of CPU’s… Intel has for the most part ruined the fine art of budget system building/ overclocking beginning with the 1150 sockets. What they’ve done is effectively nuked any overclockability out of all of their CPU’s, with the exception of the obscenely pricey ‘K’ or ‘X’ suffix models such as that $500 i7 5930K above.
    Ha ha… well played, Intel! There are no words I can think of at the moment to adequately convey the magnitude in which you suck… if I used the word “extreme” it would still be an understatement of such proportion that it would just about be a lie, by omission. That is all, and good day.


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