The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports

The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports.


11 Responses to “The Real Story Behind Facebook Moderation and Your Petty Reports”

  1. way2aware Says:

    FOR THE RECORD… Not my post, but one that I support unequivocally. And am honored to repost

  2. redbrook30 Says:

    What a wake up call this was! I only WISH the right people would read it, and by that I mean the people who missed out on reading “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” when they were growing up. So few truly think of the big picture. If these nit pickers are like this in cyberspace, what the heck are they like in the “real” world? Thanks for re-posting this.

  3. Cowgirl Says:

    I’m having Deja vu. (See Facebook post).

    • redbrook30 Says:

      Huh, Cowgirl? You saw this on Facebook, too? I didn’t see it anywhere. Where did you see it? Did I miss it?

      • Cowgirl Says:

        Sorry about taking so long to respond to this. Somebody was wrong on the internet! lol.

        Yes, I saw this on Facebook too. That is, unless I was high on organic coffee and white tea and was seeing double that day! What? Is Facebook hiding posts again? I wish Facebook was a tangible person (like corporations are acclaimed to be) whose butt you could tangibly beat. 😛

        • redbrook30 Says:

          I believe if Facebook was a person they would have the crap beat out of them on a regular basis, as they walk around wearing a racecar uniform and ball cap just completely covered in advertising, LOL.

          Do you remember where you saw it over there? Was it in a group or on someone’s wall, maybe? Since Facebook monitors everything I would REALLY love to leave a comment over there, too, so they could see my thoughts as well.

          • Cowgirl Says:

            What an oxymoron that the most popular person in existence would have their fans beat them to a pulp every day, but that is the truth of it!

            I don’t think it was in a group. I’m sure it was one of Mike Berring’s posts, a “share.” You must be able to see it on his wall?

            Anyway, it did give me a different and more mercifully minded view of Facebook’s monitoring activities. I haven’t really blocked or reported people, except for the one exception of a bozo putting our rescued girl in danger by tagging her and telling the world everywhere she was. I saw red over that.

            However, Facebook saw an innocent old lady being friendly with everyone, instead of the stupid, brown-nosing, thoughtless schmuck I know her to be. So she’s still tagging and announcing mindlessly. Of course, the idiot puts my own son in danger too who is part of this drama.

            I better stop writing because I’m seeing red all over again…..>:(

            • redbrook30 Says:

              I’ll have to look for it on his wall later. Thanks Cowgirl 🙂 I must admit, that this article helped to give me a new perspective on things over on Facebook, too. I’ve known a lot or people who have lost their profiles over there but truly never gave much thought about the overload of reports they have to deal with everyday. I had the thought that perhaps since they are aware that there is so much “hysterical” reporting done that perhaps they should lower the requirements they have established for removing a pic, page, or profile. However, that’s not the answer. The only solution for this problem is really a way self-policing. Perhaps they should take some kind of note of people who report excessively?

  4. redbrook30 Says:

    Ye-ah! THAT comment wont rate being tl;dr or anything 😛 I hate how they make each reply lookn narrower and narrower. Is that a hint or something?? LOL

    • Cowgirl Says:

      Hahaha! If they keep narrowing our replies, our words will shoot out like water out of a pressure washer! It won’t matter if they’re tl;dr. We’ll knock ’em over anyway. :0

  5. Cowgirl Says:

    But, yes, maybe they should have some sort of tabulation system where they keep tabs on how many times a person reports. After the 3rd time (or whatever magical number) of reporting, Facebook deletes the person’s profile (to keep them safe of course). 🙂

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