There is only one thing that I have ever tried in my life to do, and never was able to.

All my life, I have only wanted to be You, The Artist


4 Responses to “this”

  1. redbrook30 Says:

    I always wished I had the ability to put a pen or pencil to paper so I could capture beauty and create something memorable that would make people smile. In my mind, that used to mean drawing. But I’ve discovered that the talents I do have which are best suited for pen and paper are of a different kind. You share these same talents.

    What is created through words is no less beautiful or touching than the captured image of a beautiful woman or landscape by an artist’s hand is or the melody and harmony performed by a musician. Whatever comes from the heart, regardless of the way it is expressed, is art. In your own way, you have really been an artist all along.

  2. Cowgirl Says:

    Oh get your head out of your bum bum. You ARE an artist! If I had the choice between looking at a beautiful piece of artwork and reading a good essay or book, well……I’ve always chosen the essay and the book, and I AM an artist. I took my talent for granted and envied those who could paint graphic pictures with words. You know why? Because words are SO POWERFUL and transporting and mind changing and even LIFE CHANGING.

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