When you find something good- keep it

I have never had much luck with saying goodbye to someone that I really loved.
When I find a car that is superior to all others, for my particular tastes, I repair it, and restore it when it breaks down. I have a 1993 Lincoln Town Car that gets an average of 23 miles per gallon of gas, passes all emissions tests, has more than 250000 miles on it, will spin both rear wheels on dry pavement, and will transport me at 120 mph, without taking very much time to attain that speed if I desire it. And it is mine.
I have no need, nor desire for a newer, lesser car
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10 Responses to “When you find something good- keep it”

  1. Cowgirl Says:

    If only I’d been this smart. Now I’m sweeping up the ashes of…..everything.

  2. Cowgirl Says:

    I know. But they were a useful analogy. They and dishwashers and washers and refrigerators and even carafes and thermoses, have strangely represented other parts of my life. About the time I think I’ve finally learned my lessons, I do it again! At least this time it’s with things of lesser value. The rest are KEEPERS. But what I threw away, yet never said good bye to, was of infinite value. But God gives second chances–and He gave me one! šŸ™‚

  3. Cowgirl Says:

    Now that sounded like I abandoned that first love, by “throwing him away.” That was a bad choice of words. I simply didn’t wait for him, but I didn’t say good bye, in my heart, for a long time.

    • Tracie D. Says:

      Sometimes we all make mistakes with how we handle things, and people, in our lives. But if we learn from our mistakes, then perhaps there was a reason for it to have happened and if it causes us to make better decisions in the future, then at least some good came of it because the experience helped us to grow. I believe that is exactly what happened with you, Cowgirl šŸ™‚

  4. Tracie D. Says:

    Perhaps it’s part of human nature to want new things, and sometimes new people, in our lives but quite often in the process of clearing out the old or in the oversight of seeing what we already have, we miss the good things and good people we have right in front of us. In both cases, some are worth having and are worth some work and effort put into them. What I think is most important in any case is to take some some to make evaluations before just throwing in the towel on that old car or that pain in the ass in our lives (and we all have them…..I’m not talking about cars) before turning our heads and just walking away. Somethings can’t be fixed or taken back once they are done and regret is one of the hardest things in life to live with. Better to think twice, or even three times, before acting then to spend twice as much time wishing you did.

    • Cowgirl Says:

      Hah! We’ve all ended up with lemons in our lives (and I’m not just talking about cars…lol) Some of the best I’ve let go of without saying good bye in my heart, and some of the worst I’ve hung onto, knowing I never could open my heart to them. I didn’t really intend it to end up that way. It just did. Life can be a rather humbling experience.

  5. way2aware Says:

    i have hands down the best of all possible Commentors.
    (the type whose comments are superior to the post commented upon)
    That is all

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