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Maybe This Might Clear Up The Confusion

August 6, 2011

Here¬†we have our mystery contestant, as he is in the process of attempting to bully Metalfan off of the site. Note his paranoia in assuming some evil plot to “kill the site” Metalfan is now a traitor? He’s all ready succeeded in getting Weissdorn booted off.

How about now? Still wondering what I was talking about?

Here we are shown that Metalfan is on trial, and faced with the burden of proving his innocence of some wackjob conspiracy theory. It is trickier than it might seem. Metalfan is fighting for his life lol

Can someone read the last paragraph of Metalfan’s comment? Our bully cannot.

A final judgment, from the star of the show, and evidently also the one in control of this place? I would have to imagine that it is something else entirely that is “stabbing this site in the heart” And despite there being no open mention of what that is in the screenshots, I would venture to guess that it might be visible to the naked eye, just the same. This is only one entry- one occasion. I haz quite the collection of pictures. Originally intended for future lulz, but somehow it just doesn’t seem funny.

PS: Here is a link to an entry where our boy here is doing precisely what he attacked Metalfan for, and what he got Weissdorn booted over:

And here’s an excerpt, in case it disappears when he realizes the hypocrisy: